The Best CrossFit Grips for 2022 (No More Rips)

Have you been having trouble with your CrossFit grips? Are they slipping and causing painful rips?

If you’re a CrossFitter, you know the importance of having quality CrossFit accessories. Without wrist support, your hands might give up on you during those tough WODs. From all the pull-ups to the kettlebell swings, your hands are constantly in motion and being put under stress. That’s why it’s important to choose the best CrossFit grips for you and your workout routine.

Whether you’re just starting out with CrossFit training or you’ve been doing it for years, read on for information on the best grips available.

What Are The Best CrossFit Grips?

The best CrossFit grips are the ones that best suit your individual needs. There are many different types of grips available on the market, so it’s important to choose the ones that will work best for you. Here, I’ll provide a buyer’s guide and my top picks for the best CrossFit grips.

  • Rx Smart Grips
  • Bear KompleX Black Diamond 3 Hole Grips
  • Victory Grips
  • Jerkfit WODies
  • Roo Grips
  • Rogue V2
  • TWL – Karbon Grips

How to Choose the Best CrossFit Grips

There are many different options available when it comes to CrossFit grips, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs. Here are some factors to consider:


You want something that’s durable and won’t tear easily, but also has some give so it’s comfortable on your hands. There are several different types of CrossFit grips available. The most popular ones are made from leather, neoprene, or rubber.

Leather grips are the most popular type of CrossFit grip. They’re comfortable and provide a great level of grip. However, they’re also the most expensive option.

Neoprene grips are a good middle-of-the-road option. They’re not as expensive as leather grips, but they’re still comfortable and provide a good level of grip.

Rubber grips are the most affordable option. They don’t provide as much grip as leather or neoprene grips, but they’re still a good choice for CrossFitters on a budget.

No matter which type of grip you choose, make sure it’s one that you’re comfortable with. The last thing you want is to be distracted by your grips during a WOD.

Durability and Level of Protection

Consider the durability of the grips. Look for lightweight hand grips that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They should be made from high-quality materials and have reinforced stitching.

Level of Grip and Stickiness

The level of grip is important, but so is the stickiness. Some CrossFit grips are more sticky than others. If you’re someone who tends to sweat a lot, you might want to consider a grip with a higher level of stickiness.


CrossFit grips come in different sizes. Make sure to choose a size that’s comfortable for you. You can always use the hand sizing guide provided by the manufacturer’s website to ensure you get the perfect fit.


Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and choose the best CrossFit grips for you. CrossFit grips can range from inexpensive to quite pricey, so it’s important to find something that fits your budget.

The 7 Best CrossFit Grips

Rx Smart Grips


The leather used to make the Rx Smart Grips is comfortable to touch and lasts long. They don’t need any downtime since they are thin and lightweight. If it’s too big, you can always cut the leather to make it fit perfectly.

Additionally, athletes will appreciate that these grips come with an RXSG mesh bag with a carabiner to attach to your gym bag. This will allow your grips to air dry without causing your workout bag to smell like a sweaty mess.

Top Features

  • Made of durable soft leather
  • Elastic finger loops
  • Larger palm coverage
  • Soft leather is can be trimmed for a customized fit
  • Wrist support of 1.5 inches for WODs involving dumbbells and heavy bars
  • The lack of finger holes offers much-needed safety for the fingertips


For around $43, you can get the Rx smart grips. It also comes with a 60-day warranty for factory defects. If there are any defects you find, you will need to send the product back to the company for inspection and repairs.

Bottom Line

The quality of the leather used in the Rx hand grips makes them one of the finest on the market for CrossFit hand grips. They’re also easy to put on and you can cut them to suit your hands perfectly.

Bear KompleX Black Diamond 3 Hole Grips


Bear KompleX’s Black Diamond Grips is from the same company that gave you the widely copied Carbon Fiber Grips. Hence, you can guarantee that this is also an exceptional product that does not skimp on quality.

The Black Diamond Grips are perfect for powder-coated bars but you can also use them as gymnastics grips or hand grips for weightlifting exercises. The good thing about these grips is that it doesn’t need chalk to cling to the bar. The wrist strap’s strengthened neoprene layer also offers better wrist support, helping you perform better.

Top Features

  • Reinforced neoprene layer on the wrist strap for extra palm and wrist support
  • Dependable stickiness and grip
  • Can be used on powder-coated bars
  • Versatile use for gymnastics, CrossFit training, and weightlifting exercises
  • Protects palms and fingers efficiently with its durable materials


Available only with three finger holes, the Black Diamond Grips come in Small to Extra Large sizes. You can get one for around $40.

Bottom Line

These Black Diamond Bear KompleX grips are very sticky, but they are a bit pricey. However, they’re made of superior quality materials and offer more grip than other options.

Its reinforced layer makes it a durable grip you can use when doing pull-ups, lifting weights, kettlebell swings, muscle ups, and rope climbs.

Victory Grips


Victory Grips provide enough protection while yet allowing for some skin-to-bar contact. There is no need to apply chalk since it sticks easily to the bar. In addition to enhancing your grip, the rubber exterior provides a substantial boost in friction. High-rep counts benefit from the synthetic microfiber that protects your hands from both speal and powder-coated bars from damage.

The additional cloth that shields the outside of your hands while performing ring muscle-ups makes the exercise much more comfortable.

Top Features

  • Claims to protect 4 fingers with the feeling of wearing hand grips with four finger holes
  • Full palm coverage for better protection
  • Prevents grip twisting while working out
  • Made of vegan-friendly materials
  • Anti-abrasion and moisture-wicking inside materials
  • Machine washable


Victory Grips are available for around $48. It’s also available in sizes M to XL. Make sure to check out their website’s sizing guide to get the right fit when you decide to purchase one.

Bottom Line

Victory Grips are still a good product that offers full palm coverage and protection against grip twisting. If you’re looking for something to use during muscle-ups, these might be just the thing.

Head to Head: Bear Komplex vs Victory Grips

Bear Komplex

With a ton of grip, these Black Diamond Bear KompleX grips are pricey but they’re made with the best materials and offer more holding power than other options.

Victory Grips

Victory grips provides will give your hands the protection they need while still allowing some skin-to-bar contact. With its rubber exterior all around town providing an extra boost in friction when needed most!

Jerkfit WODies


Jerkfit’s WODies were the first three-finger grips on the market that help protect the palm and support the wrist. WODies are versatile enough to be used for everything from the pull-up rig to the barbell and anything in between.

These wrist straps put a thin, slightly padded layer between your hand and the equipment, moving friction away from the hand and onto the material. Hence, preventing painful blisters and helping you build up your hard-earned calluses. You can also adjust it quickly and easily to handle any moves you make.

Top Features

  • Full palm protection and wrist support for superior performance
  • Easy to adjust even when in action
  • A thin, padded layer absorbs friction into the material
  • Versatile and can be used in high-rep WODs
  • The original design makes it one of the most trusted hand grips


WODies cost around $40 a pair and come in S to XL sizes. It also comes in different colors from black to camo patterns so you can also pick your style.

Bottom Line

WODies are very comfortable, take in chalk and sweat, last a long time, and never bunch up or pinch. Once they’re broken in, they’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything. They are also completely washable and dryer safe.

Roo Grips


These 3-hole Kangaroo Leather hand grips are ideal for a wide range of exercises, from pull-ups and muscle-ups to deadlifts and kettlebell swings. It features a light, slim-cut design and durable material

Kangaroo leather is known in the sports industry as a premier choice for high-performance technical leather. So, you know you’re getting one of the best CrossFit grips that will last a long time.

Top Features

  • Special embossed texture and sticky grip for excellent functionality
  • Features nano-technology that provides abrasion resistance
  • Anti-microbial material prevents odor and microbial growth from the leather material
  • Highly breathable and enhanced moisture-wicking properties
  • Tried and tested durable leather material that is also water-resistant


The Roo Grips can be costly at around $80. Nevertheless, the price justifies the value — you’re getting high-quality wrist support made from premium material.

Bottom Line

Made of durable leather, with a sticky grip in wet or dry situations, abrasion resistance, and anti-microbial properties, the Three Finger RooGrips are excellent CrossFit grips for any WOD.

Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips


Rogue’s Gymnastics Grips are a second-generation design made of textured American leather on both sides to prevent slipping during workouts. It also has two finger holes and a hook-and-loop strap that makes it easy to get a comfortable fit. It’s a tried-and-true tool for keeping your hands safe during repetitive actions like pull-ups, kettlebell swings, toes-to-bar, and dozens more.

Top Features

  • Lightweight, thin, and versatile design
  • Easy to take on and take off
  • Offers a consistent firm grip ideal for high-rep workouts
  • Two-finger holes with hook-and-look wrist strap for a secure fit
  • Easy to adjust with its twist design


Rogue V2 Grips are available in three sizes for around $30 a pair. The company offers same-day shipping — just make sure to order before 3 PM (U.S. Time), so you can avail of this offer.

Bottom Line

The Rogue V2 Grips are made of genuine leather 2.5 inches wide and have a suede texture on both sides to make your hands feel more comfortable. Its remarkable design of easy-to-adjust grip allows you to adjust them while moving.

TWL – Karbon Grips 3.0 No Fingers


TWL claims to have examined the structure of the hand to discover the perfect form for protection. To provide mobility, TWL has made sure your thumb can move freely, which is essential for a bar hook grip. These grips are also ergonomic and easy to use. They include an elastic band and wrist padding to assist your transition from the pull-up bar to another motion with ease.

Top Features

  • Features an anatomical shape to give maximum palm coverage and great ergonomics
  • Superior grip and stickiness to the bar even after multiple uses
  • Detailed design, including the stitches, is used to help you perform better
  • Foldable elastic straps so they won’t get in the way during pull-ups
  • Allows full range of motion on your thumb to make it move easily on a bar


The TWL Karbon Grips 3.0 No Fingers is priced at around $85. It comes in three sizes: X, M, and L. The company also offers free express 1-2 days shipping and an installment option of four payments via AfterPay.

Bottom Line

TWL Karbon Grips 3.0 No Fingers is an excellent tool for serious CrossFitters. It will stick after multiple uses and provides exceptional comfort throughout your exercise.

What Are CrossFit Grips?

CrossFit grips are specialized gloves that offer protection to your hands during workouts, enabling you to perform better and safer. They come in a variety of designs, but the most common type has an open palm with fingers that extend past the glove’s surface.

They’re usually made of leather or other durable materials, and they have a thumb loop to help you grip the bar. CrossFit athletes use WOD grips to help them perform the snatch, clean and jerk, and other specific workouts.

How to Use CrossFit Grips?

The best way to use CrossFit grips is to first find a pair that fits snugly on your hands. Make sure the gloves cover your palms completely and that your fingers can extend past the tips of the gloves. Measure your hands precisely and follow the guide provided by the CrossFit grip company you’re purchasing from to ensure a perfect fit.

Once you have the right pair of WOD grips, you can use them for any workout. Just slip them on before you start working out and adjust the thumb loops as needed. Some grips require using chalk, while some don’t. Just be sure to remove the gloves between sets if your hands start to sweat.

Check to see whether the hand grips you bought are washable; if not, follow the manufacturer’s care recommendations to keep the stickiness and lifespan.

With the right pair, you’ll be able to grip the bar more securely and protect your hands from calluses and blisters. experiment with different sizes and styles until you find a perfect fit for your hands.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know the best CrossFit grips for athletes, it’s time to get out there and start using them. Be sure to try out a few different pairs to see which ones work best for you. Remember, you can achieve optimum results if you take care of your hands.

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